RMAF 2012
Wavelength, Vaughn and AudioQuest Suite 9007

Thanks so much for everyone that came out to RMAF 2012. This year more than any the sound was really tops! Our room sounded better than ever and it sounds like a number of people & magazines agreed with me.


Sorry for the lack of really good pictures... This is the only one I got off before my Olympus PEN died. Luckily it was the new battery pack and not the camera. Thanks for the better pictures below from our good friend MaryAnn Tillman.

Above the Vaughn Cabernet II, 45-35KHz sixteen driver full range speaker with a large ribbon super tweeter and 2 side mounted passive radiators $9000 pair. The REL subwoofer was used for the show, but Jim has a 15” sub almost ready to go that will match for an additional $3000.


The new Duetto V3 stereo amplifier uses the 417A/5842 input tube with two 300B’s and a GZ34/5AR4 rectifier. All around the best version of the amp so far and when played on Sunday, everyone was excited.


Close up picture of the Cardinals.


Front end components the Crimson HS with the Denominator Module on the Left and the matching Royal Preamplifier (soon in a new configuration).


MacBook Pro Retina 15” 16G/480G (OWC)/Quad i7, Thunderbolt to a Seagate 3T drive for the Music Library. The amazing Cosecant HS with the new and finished ESS Denominator module, really shined at the show.

2012 RMAF Links to our room information:

Third year in row for The Audio Beat, Best of Show. Yes I was tired the show was crazy good this year.
We had the best time with Michael Lavorgna from AudioStream, see if you agree!
I was also on a panel with Michael in a Q&A on Computer Audio.
Stereophile’s Stephen Mejias must have been visiting when we had the sub off.
Enjoy The Music’s Steve Rochlin stopped by for some pictures.
Thanks to Carol & Dave for stopping by Positive Feedback, we had a Cosecant in the Merlin room as well.