RMAF 2013
Wavelength Audio & Vaughn Loudspeakers

This year was one of the best years that I can remember at the fall event. Jim and I had a ton of really good sounding equipment that ended up flooring most of the people who came by and listened. Many of which came back more than one time and some stayed for hours.

Jim brought the new Plasma Speakers which are 97dB efficient and use a Plasma Tweeter which sounded killer.


Of course driving the speakers was the new Napoleon all silver amplifier. The blue unit on the amps stands is the power supply for the plasma tweeters.



The Crimson HS with Denominator was feed into the new Europa Digital/Analog Preamplifier with 71A gain/output tubes. The Europa has USB, Toslink, Wi-Fi, Ethernet and SD card interface. It has an operating system we wrote that is more proactive than RTOS and Linux based units. It also has it’s own Webserver built in for any functions you can think about as well as setup for network options, WI-Fi etc…


StreamWerxs is what we are calling our new modular networking solutions. AudioVia is what we are using for as our new streaming software.

We were using the iPad to show off what we could do with the Europa and our support for IOS and Android. The Cosecant was there ready to and willing, but the Crimson was used for all the demos we did in the room. MacBook Pro Retina with a 4T drive was used to steer the music into the listening area.

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