RMAF 2010
Wavelength, Vaughn and AudioQuest Suite 9007

Thanks so much for everyone that came out to RMAF 2010. I really think this was the best year of any that I have seen. The attendance was way up and the number of companies there seem to be up as well. The room really sounded better than I could have ever imagined and I guess it showed.

The big products we showed off were the new 24(32)/192 USB interfaces on the Crimson, Cosecant and WaveLink products. We also showed the new ESS Denominator Module for the Cosecant. With a little help we also showed a new direction in development for asynchronous USB connecting the iPad to the Proton.

As you entered the new Crimson 24/192 with the Denominator as a static display. This is what the balanced unit looks like with the optional volume control.

Using IOS 4.2 developer code we showed the iPad connected to the 24/96 Proton. While the iPad will only put out 16 bit audio, IOS4.2 will allow the unit to stream asynchronous audio to any dac that supports full speed Class 1 Audio.

Control Center

MacBook Pro 13/8G/200G SSD+HP Monitor, WD Firewire hard drive for the library, USB High Speed AudioQuest Diamond cable connects the computer to the new 24(32)/192 and Denominator (71A directly Heated Triode) verstion of the Crimson. Using the AudioQuest Carbon USB from the computer to the new Denominator loaded Cosecant 24(32)/192. Both USB DACS were connected to the Royal 71A preamplifier using the AudioQuest Sky interconnect.

Also shown here was a static display of the new Vaughn Syrah loudpeaker.

The Royal Preamplifier output strung to the Wavelength Cardinals via the AudioQuest Sky interconnects. The Cardinal Amplifiers strung to the Vaughn Zinfandel Speakers via the AudioQuest Meteor speaker cables. At 97dB the Zinfandel's had everyone in the room looking for some kind of power cord for some kind of powered woofer system, but no! The fullrange speakers were driven only by the 10-12W 300B Cardinal Amplifiers.

The Vaughn Pinot Monitor on static display.

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