RMAF 2011
Wavelength, Vaughn and AudioQuest Suite 9007

Thanks so much for everyone that came out to RMAF 2011. I really thought 2010 was going to be the peak of RMAF, but I was wrong. Our room sounded better than ever and it sounds like a number of people & magazines agreed with me.


I forgot to bring my 3M AudioQuest interconnects so we punted and it worked out better than ever.

Computer: MacBook Air i7/4G/128G Lion----Thunderbolt Pegasus Hard drive RAID5, Pure Music & Decibel.
Cosecant 24(32)/192 using the new Denominator Module ($4000) USB Asynchronous DAC.
Royal Line Level Preamplifier.
Cardinal mono block amplifiers Friday and Saturday, Corona VT52 amplifiers Sunday.
Vaughn Triode 99dB efficient speakers.
AudioQuest cables through out.


Close up of the Computer System with HP monitor.


Close up of the Cosecant with the Denominator Module, Royal 71A Line Preamplifier and Corona VT52 amplifiers.


Close up of the Vaughn Triode 99dB Speaker... what that’s 5W’s!!!!!!


Cardinal Amplifiers, Proton, WaveLink and Cosecant with optional volume control.


So what’s next? Electron 24/192 stereo head phone amplifier with dual 6111 tubes and selectable impedance, also has a line level RCA outputs. Neutron 24/192 AD/DA converter. There will also be a Electron 15W stereo amplifier as well in the same type of enclosure as the headphone unit.


Greeting the guests is the Brick v3 USB DAC.

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Vaughn Loudspeakers

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